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You were wonderful. You have a beautiful way of connecting with children and Edward adored you. You have been one of his favourite teachers thus far. Thank you for all that you do.

Sally P - Parent

Grade 3 parents.jpg

We will remember you with so much affection and gratitude. You truly care about your students and have played such a special and meaningful role in their lives, as an educator, a coach, a role model, and a friend.

Classroom Parents - Grade 3


You helped me learn division and get better at multiplication and so much more. You also taught me a lot of Science and I learned so much from you. You are really nice teacher. I have had a great time as your student.

Emma P - Grade 3


M-Made to teach


Breanne the best

Really kind

Energetic but calm

Amazing at teaching


Need to teach

Everyday you learn

Leni K - Grade 3

Anne K.png

Thank you so much for helping me with problems I don't understand. You are a very trustworthy teacher. You are thoughtful and very optimistic.

Anne K - Grade 3

Ludovica A.jpg

A big thank you for being a part of our daughter's life. We are so grateful for your help and support throughout these months.

Federica A - Parent


Ms. Breanne is a fantastic teacher so I am a million percent sure that she will be the best tutor ever.

Annabel J - Grade 3


My daughter loves being in your class, and seems to be making good progress. Her maths work is evidently fantastically well structured, she is really enthusiastic about it, and it’s fascinating to get the insights on the strategies that are taught and used.

Justin H - Parent

Rhea T.jpg

I will miss you because you are thoughtful and kind. You help me understand things, even if you have already explained it to me before. You let me have options for things. You are the best!

Rhea T - Grade 4


Miss Breanne is such a great teacher. She helps us with all of our math and science. Miss Breanne is so patient, helpful and she is one of my best teachers. I could not have wished for a better teacher in Grade 3. 

Miss Breanne is the best!

Amelia H - Grade 3

Chloe C.png

You are so kind and if I got something wrong you would comfort me. Thank you for being amazing!

Chloe C - Grade 3

Caitlyn C.png

Thank you so much for helping me with work, questions, math and many more things. I really wanted you to know that you've been the best teacher assistant ever!

Caitlyn C - Grade 5


Thank you for being my teacher! You always help me and make learning fun, even when I'm tired. I hope I get to see you next school year.

Eva D - Grade 3

Olivia C.jpg

First I would like to thank you for your continued support and unending love! I will really miss you! I hope your other students know they are very LUCKY to have you as their highly intelligent teacher.

Olivia C - Grade 4


Ms. Breanne helps you out when you don't understand a question. She also is really funny. She cheers you on and cheers you up!

Rylan S - Grade 3

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